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Bone-Afide join the Getzen family!

Terrific news is currently being trumpeted (or tromboned!) across social media platforms. Congratulations to Bone-Afide trombone quartet for their announcement this evening about joining the Getzen family and becoming Getzen artists.

The emerging chamber ensemble is made up of some of the UK's finest trombonists. They are award winning, best friends, great instrumentalists in their own right and collectively are at the cutting edge of brass chamber music.

As the distributor in the UK & Ireland, we join with our Getzen Company friends in Wisconsin, USA in rejoicing in this news and eagerly ook forward to the days that lie ahead in this marriage between Bone-Afide and Getzen.

lsobel Daws plays a 4147 IB Custom Reserve Tenor Trombone

Merin Rhyd plays a 4147 IB Custom Reserve Tenor Trombone

Rob Moseley plays a 4147 IB Custom Reserver Tenor Trombone

Angus Butt plays on a Edwards Instrument Co. B502 Bass Trombone.



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